Ingredients for

  • 50ml.
    Grand Marnier
  • 50ml.
    Cranberry Juice
  • 2 units of alcohol per serve
  • Grand Deco

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How to make

  1. Fill a glass with ice.

    Fill a tall glass with ice cubes.

  2. Pour Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Liqueur and cranberry juice into the glass.

    Using a jigger, measure 50ml Grand Marnier and 50ml cranberry juice into the glass.

Be a good host

Everyone loves a bit of finger food and designated drivers will appreciate some fancy soft drinks.

Grand Marnier®

Made up of a delicate blend of Cognacs and essence of sweet, subtly bitter Bigaradia orange handpicked at the Lapostolle plantations in the Caribbean, Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is an exceptional orange liqueur.