From the earliest days of the business, the Walker family and subsequent generations of Master Blenders have crafted exclusive Scottish Whiskies for the directors of their company, and for private gatherings. These are treasured whiskies that have only been shared by a few, and Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Whisky is inspired by this tradition.


Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Whisky is preciously aged for a minimum of 18 years, and to be treasured just like the noble metal platinum. It is drawn from a limited number of casks, carefully chosen and retained throughout their maturation because of their exceptional character. A subtly smoky blend embodies the characteristic, full flavours of Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whiskies, reflecting a strong, sweet and elegant Speyside style.

How to enjoy

Enjoy the rich, dark and intense Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Whisky neat to savour the delicious flavours of stewed fruit and tangerines that slowly unravel on the palate. Pour about 50ml into a tumbler or rocks glass and savour. Add a little ice to enhance the sweet, fruity flavours, or a small splash of water to reveal the fragrant almonds and malty cereal notes. Share the select quality of this luxury blend and appreciate the blender’s art that makes Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Whisky ideal paired with smoked tuna loin, vanilla panna cotta or chocolate ganache. Try the range of iconic Johnnie Walker whiskies, including the bold, lively Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky, the iconic, smooth Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky, smoky and rich Johnnie Walker Double Black Label Whisky, smooth and luxurious Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Whisky and the exceptional Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky.

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Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

Johnnie Walker® Platinum Label Blended Scotch Whisky

Inspired by the Johnnie Walker tradition of creating private blends, Johnnie Walker Platinum Label delivers intense, smooth and subtly smoky, waxy flavours to be enjoyed at exclusive celebrations and parties.